Archive Work

(Ordering existing sets and videos)


Did you know we have thousands of exclusive image sets and videos available in our archive?  To find out if we have the model and topic that interest you simply email a request to the address below.

This is some of the material available in our archive:

  • Model Tests
  • Practice Work
  • Topic & Theme Testing
  • Custom Shoots (non-exclusive)
  • Static Camera Footage
  • Bloopers & BTS

Due to our heavy workload archive orders are only accepted when time permits.  To check current availability please email us.  (Please note - The prices indicated are for single-item purchases.  Multi-item purchases may receive a discount.)

Small Set (<50 images)  -  $49 USD
Medium Set (50-99 images)  -  $59 USD
Large Set (100+ images)  -  $69 USD

Short Clip (<5 min)  -  $49 USD
Medium Clip (5-9 min)  -  $59 USD
Long Clip (10+ min)  -  $69 USD

Premium/Specialty  -  $99 USD  (and up)
High bitrate video* (50 Mbps HD/100 Mbps 4K)  -  $30 USD  (per video)
Expedite Order  -  $50 USD  (Your order will receive a higher priority getting filled.)

*High bitrate encoding may improve picture quality but requires a fast device for smooth playback.  The file size is also significantly larger than more standard bitrates requiring a fast internet connection.

Contact Us:
Send archive inquiries to   (Please add Archive Inquiry to subject line.)